Time for the nationalteam again!

(From 2006 in Holland)
Now it´s time for Tour of Pologna with the nationalteam.
This time it´s me, Marie Lindberg (Nürnberger), Emilia Fahlin (High Road), Sara Mustonen (Team CMax), Emma Karlsson and Isabell Söderberg (two very good national riders). I think it will be great, at least very funny, as always with the nationalteam!
Tomorrow I fly to Sweden where I meet up with the rest of the team, and at 9 o´clock (pm) we
take the boat over to Gdansk.
The race starts on thursday and finish on saturday. Four stages on three days and it ends with a timetrial. The first timetrial this year :S Hard to know how to make then.
I guess that I will not be able to update during my stay in Poland, so you have to wait until I´m back.
So long!


Done a lot!

I had only three days in Kalmar before it was time to go again... But it was three wounderfull days!! The weather was perfect, 20-25´C and blue sky. We really enjoyed our time there, and I wish I had some more days...
But as I said, then it was time to go again. Took the train over to the westcoast were mum and dad came and picked me up. The were coming from Stockholm on there way down to our summerhouse in Båstad.
First time I met mum since january, and dad since Marbella in february, so it was nice to see them again.
But I came late (last) thursday night and on friday my team (from Sweden) came and picked me up, so it was just a short visit.
We took the bus and the car over to Denmark for three races there. It was nice to meet the team aswell! Had a great time together, and we did well at the races.
First day I did a breakaway alone, but after a while four girls joined me.
When it was 2km´s to go another swedish girl, Madelene, attacked from our group. Since there were two from Sweden and three from Denmark, I thought it was not my job the take that, but they just looked at eachother, I think Dorte Rasmussen and Trine Smith had a own race between them two, and Madelene could cross the finishline solo. For me and the other three it was a sprint. Since I´m not a sprinter I thought it´s better to make it a long one, so I started with 250-300m´s to go. I almost made it, but Dorte passed me just before the finishline. I got third!

Congratulations Madelene :)

The secound day we made it hard for the others. We were supose to make four laps and our tactic was to go on the others but do nothing ourself the first three laps, but on the fourth we went hard on the attacks. Finally they got tired and Hanna from the team could cross the finishline solo. And Jessica took the sprint :) Good work girls!!

Third day was a mess! The elite (men) passed us in a hill and some girls went with them, but the organisation didn´t noticed until they allready had a gap and then it was too late!
Thomas came to this race, and after the race we went back to Switzerland. Came back monday night.

This week have been nice and relaxing, except for training ofcourse! ;)
Had Carolin and Tommy over for dinner one day, as you can see at the picture. And last friday we went on cirkus with them here in Zürich :) It was really funny to see, and the acrobatics were soo good!
Today Thomas went to Spain so I´m alone, but not for too long. On thuseday I meet up with the national team for Tour of Pologna.
See you,


Kalmar, Sweden

(Our view from the balcony. In the background you can see the bridge over to Öland)

Sorry for my late update!
Luxembourg were quit hard for me, I were still a little bit sick...
Saturday´s race were a 1.2 race, and a lot of good teams were there. Our goal were to take some UCI points.
There were one quit long hill that split up the group. Iosune was the strongest one and she was in the first group until the finish. The first 8 got points, she ended 9th. Bad luck!
I finished in a smaller group behind. My legs were really bad this day.
Sunday´s race was just a national race and only three UCI teams and national riders.
We got a breakaway right away with five riders. Two from us.
But we ended up 4th, 5th and me 10th. Felt a little bit better then the day before...

After Luxembourg I took it a little bit easy, just to get rid of my cold completly.
Felt bad the whole week, and then it was time for the worldcup in Bern.
They had changed the lap from last year. Allready after 8-9km´s there were a long hill, wich split up the group completly. I were in the back and I had no chance to catch up the ones infront. First the group was split into 4-5 groups, but after a while it was just two big groups, me in the secound, together with Iosune and Ana from the team. We had no one in the first group. Not much to do...

Directly after the race Thomas and I went home to Sweden! First time since january :D
It´s almost summer here, 22´c and sunny. I will soon go out for a ride in the nice weather.

Take care!