In Italy

Finally I have internet!

The time after La Bira was a little bit hard for me. Felt really bad in my legs...

Did a national race five days after that went ok, were 4th, but my legs haven't been worse this year!
Stayed with a friend of my swedish team, at her parents after this and waited for the swedish championships... Thanks for letting me stay with you!!

A half week after it was finally time for the swedish national championships. First the time trial at wednesday. Haven't done a worse time trial... Ended 13th :(

At the road race my legs were a bit better, but far from good. It was one small group away were we had one from our team, but with only two laps left it went together. Only Emilia Fahlin were away alone, who escaped from the small group just before we caught them.

On the secound last lap Emma and Susanne went away in the big hill and caught Emilia. We tried to catch them but they were too fast...

In the end we were a group of six, and we sprinted about the 4th place. Crossed the finish line as 7th girl.

Emilia Fahlin was the smartes of the three infront and won solo! Congratulations :)
Emma took Susanne in the sprint and took the silver.

After the championships I went home to my parents in Stockholm just to re-pack my things, cause the day after I flew to Italy for the European championships in Italy.

Did the time trial the day before yesterday. Went quit okey, felt much better in my legs!! Got the 17th place.

Today it was the road race. Very hard and very hot!! In the last hill 11 girls got a gap that the kept to the finish. Marie and I were in the secound group and with 3km to go Marie tryed to get away, but the group went after her. With a little bit more then a km to go I tryed to go. Came away, and one girl from Italy came with me. With 250m left I saw the group coming closer so I started the sprint. Two girls caught me, and I ended 14th.

Directly after the European championships I went to the start of Giro d Italia. Did the prolouge today.. Went really bad, were so tired in my legs!! Tomorrow it is 131 kms. I hope they take it easy.

(photos taken by Fabiano Ghilardi)

So long,