We are now back in Kalmar again and the christmas is over for this year. We had a great time with first my family, and then Thomas family and relatives. Lots of good food, and chocolate :)
Nice to spend some time together and just take it easy...

Today I have only been in the gym. Felt quit good. Have gone from 3x8 reps to 4x6 reps. So now it´s only a few times left until I go up and do 20 reps again.

I just want to wish you all a happy new year, or like we say in Sweden; Gott nytt år!


Merry Christmas!!

Last friday Thomas and I took the car up to my parents in Stockholm were we celebrated the christmas together with my family. Not the real christmas, but we made it two christmas this year. The whole family were there and we had a really nice time. It´s not too many times we all can get together...
Yesterday we continue our trip and took the ferry to the island, Gotland, were Thomas family live. It´s no snow here, like many other places in Sweden... (Quit sad with a green christmas, but I should not complain cause it´s soo much better when you should go on your bike.)
This morning we went on a morningwalk down to the beach and waited for everyone to wake up until we saw what Santa had brought us in the christmas sock. Lots of candy and a magasin with fun reading. A very calm morning, just the way the christmas should be... I hope you all also will have a nice and fun christmas with lots of chocolate and good food.

Merry Christmas everyone :D


Yesterday Thomas and I celebrated 2 years together :) Feels wounderfull!
Found a picture with some decoration I did for him at Valentines day this year...

Were at the gym in the morning and will soon go out and run. It´s difficult this time at the year cause it starts to get dark at 3 pm and I really don´t like to train when it´s dark, but today I think I have to, in the end anyway...



Today I was fast!

I have a lap at 12 km´s here in Kalmar that I use to run in between. Today it was time again... When I start with my wintertraining in october, after three weeks rest, I use to do it on one hour. Last winter my personal best was 54.01, and that was in january. Today I felt I wanted to brake that record! (But I don´t want to run too hard eaither..)
With perfect weather, a little bit sunny and a little bit clowdy and minus two, I did my record :) 53.28 it was! But that I had to pay for on my second training. I felt quit tired on my indoor bike this afternoon.
I´ve only been eating and sleeping infront of the TV the rest of the day, been to tired to do anything else. Tomorrow it´s time for a long and easy ride. Looking forward to do some easy training now!



Back in Kalmar

Last saturday morning I took the car back down to Kalmar. The weekend was really nice, a lot of rest and time to recover... Took a ride together with Thomas yesterday, not so easy like the rest of the weekend but way more fun then train alone as I always do otherwise.

Today we were at the gym in the morning, I´ve gone from 10 to 8 reps, but still 3 sets, so I have put a little more kilos on now. I feel strong ;)

Then home and eat a little bit before the second training today, wich was 1 hour and 15 minutes running. Did a little bit more then 15km´s and I came home just before it went totaly black outside!
I thought I should try to give you a picture everytime but I don´t have any, but then I found this, from the time a actually was a runner, and no I was not a sprinter! Everyone ask me that because of my big legs, but I did eveything from 1500 m to 10 000 m. But that time has passed!


Ended 4th in the cyclocross cup

This weekend it was two races. One each day. The start and finish were at the same place but otherwise there were different. But both days was really bad for me. First I thought I should have good legs since I had my easy week, but it turned out that my legs was really bad. It was the same thing for the European Championships, then I also had an easy week before, so I think I feel better when I´m training hard, cause then it´s not a chock for the body when it´s time to race. I don´t know... Just a thought! Anyway I finished 4th both days and also 4th in the GC.
After the races I stayed at Martin´s place for two more days. It´s a man that lives close to him that makes special soles for me. I have tried them since july and I feel much better in my back.
Now he is making some harder and better ones for my bikingshoes. I´m very thankfull!
I would also like to say thank you to Martin that helped me the whole weekend :)

Now I´m in Stockholm and working a little bit, but the reason I´m here is because I will see my dentist tomorrow. I hope I will be finished with my teeth soooon!