On my way up to Falun and Sollerön

Now I´m sitting on the train up to Falun. Jennie (from my swedish team) is coming and pick me up. Then we continue to Sollerön together with her parents in their camper.
Tomorrow we do 127km´s on a hilly course. Good training before the championships that is going to be very hilly! The time trial is even worse I heard :S
The day after it´s a criterium. Looking forward to the weekend!

And then it´s time for the swedish championships!!

I will go directly to Italy and the European championships from Falun, and from the European championships to Giro d´Italia. (As it looks now it´s possible. I start the European championships at 9 am 5th of july, and Giro d´Italia starts 8pm 5th of july with a short prologue).

I hope I´ll have internet during the time so I can update in between.

Take care everyone!


Short report from Sweden

I´m now in Sweden, at my parents. First time since christmas...
Came from Spain sunday night. Did "La Bira" with the team last week. It´s my teams homerace, goes in Bizkaia. A really good race I have to say! Four days with five stages. One time trial.
First two days went good. Were 34th in the general after these days, but then I lost some spots the third day with two stages. The time trial went quit bad, had no good legs after a really hard day before. The race in the afternoon I did a mistake before the first hill. Our radios didn´t work so I didn´t knew that it was coming, and one of my team mates was talking to me from the back of the group so I went down to her. We turned left and then the hill started, and then I were at last position. Had to put a lot of energi trying to get to the front, but I missed the first group as last girl. Were in no-mans-land between the two groups for some km´s before the secound group catched me. Fell down to 45th place in the general.
Last day was no good day either. Had good legs, but after the first mountain I krasched in the downhill. We were turning sharp right but I had a girl on my right side that didn´t turned, she continued straight a head, and so were I. Since I couldn´t turn when she was going straight...
Luckelly I made it quit well. (Hit my knee and got some skratches). But I lost the first group I were in :( Ended 44th in the general.

Now I have three days here in Tullinge before I go to Sollerön for two races. One road race and one criterium. Will just try to relax and recover from the races (and my krasch)...
I follow Tour de Suisse on the internet, and cross my fingers for Thomas! :)


Back from Poland and some nice days in Switzerland

Poland went great for us! Everyone worked very good together and we tried to help Sara as much as we could. For me there were no results, but Sara won the whole race :)

Finally, I have to say after four days in Poland, I came back to Switzerland. I have been training a lot and quit hard, (since I don´t have any race until the 12th of june). Lucky me I have good support from Dalblads Nutrition AB that gives me good products, so I´m well prepaired for every training. They have everything I need, bars, sport drinks to take before and during my training, recovery for after the training, proteins, omega3 and a lot more. Everything tested ofcourse! Check out the website here http://www.dalblads-nutrition.se/
By the way I actually made a new record on my testhill last week! I´m under 40 minutes now :)

Thomas was also home last week so made some small adventures together. Were in Zug one day for shopping (pictures abow), and in Säntis another. See pictures below.. We had lunch up there aswell, really nice in the beautiful nature!!