Autum is here

Now the autum is really here. It´s cold and rainy :( When I came back from Sweden it was 20-25´c and sunny here. Wounderful! But it only lasted for three days, and from then on we have had 10-14´c and rain. Not fun at all, but I have been able to train anyway, and I have also started to run a little bit. Easier to run in the rain then to go on the bike..
Now it´s only a little bit more then two weeks until my rest. Counting down... I´m sitting and planing all the things I wanna do then :)

I will actually go a course that starts in end of october also. An adventure course. I think it will be fun! It´s nice to have something else to think about except for training.


What´s home???

Now I´m back home (in Switzerland) after 10 days at home (in Sweden). If I should be honest I don´t know where I´m most.. Or what´s feeling most at home! Home could be here in Switzerland, in Kalmar where we live during the winter or at my parents in Tullinge, where I´ve been living for 15 years! But when I think about it, it gonna be nice to go home to Sweden as soon as Thomas just finish his season after the world championships. I have a feeling that it doesn´t matter where I´ll move, Sweden will always be home even if it´s not the place where I am the most.

I don´t have any more races this year, but I´m still training. My plan is to train all month out so I can take my rest together with Thomas in october. I will stay here until then.

When I were home my dad turned 50! Congratulations again dad :D

I had also time to meet my friend, Linda, when I were home. The greatest of the greatest :) She also makes the best applepaj!!

My biggest, and only fan!