Trainingcamp #1 is finished

I got a lot of long and nice rides on Gran Canaria! In the end I were tired due, but after almost 60 hours in 15 days, I think that´s normal... Now I´m in Switzerland for the first time this year. A bit cold but I have just been taking it easy. Will try to recover as much as I can and prepair for my second trainingcamp on Mallorca, 7th of February. Only two weeks left...
Take care,


Training record :)

I´m still having a great time here...
Two days ago I did my longest training ever, in all kind of ways.
Emma Johansson (http://www.emmajohansson.com) is also here and I got a perfect day with her and her boyfriend Martin. We went around the whole island. It took us 7 hours and 30 minutes. 198 kilometers and 3678 meters of climbing. I weren´t much of help just sitting behind, but believe me, I had to take my as up the hills myself anyway ;) It was a quit hard day, first time I do over six hours, but it was fun! The time went by fast.
Yesterday I had a restday. I think I needed it. Spend it on the beach with mum again. Had perfect weather for the beach, sunny and around 22-25´C.
Today I were alone, did 4:40. Tomorrow I hope I get company, either by Jessica or Emma and Martin. The time goes a little bit faster with company.


Gran Canaria

I have had a great time here so far... Been training in nice and warm weather, except for today due. Got some rain on us in the mountains. But we were dry again before we got back to the hotel.
This trainingcamp I will just do a lot of hours and hope that I will get a good base for the season. Except for training I spend some time resting on the beach with my mum, very nice!
And she is taking good care of me :)


2009 is here :)

Sorry for my late update... I have no excuse!

I have done a lot this autum. I finished my course on the university, got my first points at the university :) I have also been working quit much. First selling fond advice, and then working for my mum. Between all this I have been trying to train a lot too. I have been feeling good and I´m much stronger in the gym this year. Hopefully it will be shone on the bike aswell.

Left Kalmar for this time this morning, with mixed feelings. I really like it there, but I know that I will come back :) And it will be fun to get started with the season for real soon. I´m now in Stockholm at my parents. My mum and I will go to Gran Canaria on monday and I will meet up with a friend from my swedish club, and her boyfriend. Nice to have someone to train with, and mum keeps me company and gets a nice vacation, and hopefully makes me some dinner too ;)
I will be there for two and a half week.

So long