(Thomas in the white "High Road" jersey)

Yesterday I got five hours, in perfect weather as promised:) But now I saw that it will be worse. Thomas is coming with the rain... But it doesn´t matter if he just come home now!! He is coming tomorrow afternoon. Counting the hours now, 18 hours left.

Today I have been a good girl. I have cleaned the apartment, washed my bike, done the laudery, study spanish, bought some food, and probably something more that I can´t remember ;)

See you,


The spring is really here :)

(Took a nice picture by the lake)

Three days have passed since last time I wrote, and they have passed quit fast aswell.
Thursday I had a coffee for four hours with a friend. (The time goes by when you have fun :D) She lives in the village next to Pfäffikon and she´s a friend to one of my old teammates. That´s how a met her. Nice to talk with someone anyway, and I think I talked for the whole week ;)

Yesterday I did a really hard training on my indoor bike. This time I did 5 times 8 minutes, not four as last time, with only 2 minutes rest. Even if it´s only one more it´s soo much harder. And I went quit high on my pulse aswell... My max is around 190 and I finished between 177-182 on every interval :P

Today I did four hours with Daniel, (the guy that takes care of the apartment when we are gone). Felt a little bit tired in my legs today, maybe because of yesterday?!
We had luck with the weather anyway, 15´c and sunny, this week has been great!! They promise the same weather tomorrow, or even better, wich is perfect cause tomorrow I have five hours on my schedule.

I hope you all are fine, take care!


Sattelegg on 1200m´s

Today I made a really nice route. Took the road over Sattelegg wich is on 1200m´s. At the top there was a lot of snow and the lift was going, people were skiing and the restaurant was open, and some were sitting in the sun and tried to get a tan. I didn´t had time for that today ;) But it looked really nice! Had time to take a foto anyway... Got three hours and intensity up the hill, wich is 10km´s.
Yesterday I actually got company at the training. A friend of Thomas came by, he use to look after the apartment when we are in Sweden, and when I told him that I were going out on a ride he wanted to join me. "Please do!" :) It´s always nice with company, especially now.

This two days have passed quit okey, "only" six days left alone...

Take care, ciao


It´s my birthday today

This nice flowers I got from Thomas on my 20th birthday by a "message-guy". 20 red roses :)
He said he tried to get me flowers for today aswell, but stuiped Swiss people couldn´t manage to do that... Don´t ask me why, the only explanation I have is that Swiss people is Swiss people!!

So, what have I done on my birthday then?! Hm, slept to 9 am, ate breakfast, put my bike together and went out for training. Did some EB intervals and it felt quit good. The weather was perfect today aswell, sunny and 11´c. It makes the training so much more fun!
The time after the training until now have just passed by... Don´t ask me how :S
Thomas family just called and sang "happy birthday" :) They are very sweet!
And then mum and dad called earlier, I wish I was at home instead... Eat a lot of cake :) Mum makes the best cake in the world!
And my sweetest friend, Linda! I just have to mention her cause she is just soo sweet :)
First she sent me an text messages, then she wrote happy birthday for me at her website and then she signed here at my blog. By the way, you have to visit her website. It´s a website to inspire and motivate people to train. http://www.inspireraflera.se/ Check it out!

Now I will try to watch "Tour of California"...

You will probably hear from me tomorrow again!


Back in Switzerland

Came back to Switzerland yesterday. Came with the train around 23:30 so I went straight to bed. Took a restday today. Very nice! Haven´t done so much actually. When you have all time in the world you don´t manage to do anything... At least I left the apartment for a short while, took a long walk to the other side of the lake (Rapperswil) and the weather was perfect for a walk.
Did some core training when I came back to the apartment.

This evening I have just been sitting infront of the computer, done nothing... But now I´m watching the prolouge of "Tour of California". Thomas did great!! I just hope the other guys are a little bit slower... Sorry you guys! :S



Just one day left before I go back to Switzerland

(Since it´s Valentins day)

After my easy training yesterday we took the car up to a small, and very cousy village in the mountains called Mijas. They have a lot of small stores and my reason to go there was, shopping!! Found some nice things... It´s always fun with shopping, one of my hobbies I think :)

Today it was time for a longer rout again. Got 4:50 and some climbing. Haven´t done so much more, watched the biathlon world championships at the TV, but it didn´t went so good for Sweden...

Tomorrow it´s the last day here before I fly back to Switzerland, on saturday. Not fun at all, cause there I will be alone for 9 days before Thomas come back from California :(
1-2 days alone can be quit nice, but 9 days. What to do on nine days...alone?? Hm, I have to come up with something... Maybe you can look forward to hear from me everyday ;)



Training report

Now we have trained for two more days. Yesterday I did 5 hours and today I got 6 hours, with some intensity in the mountains. Feels good, but I have to say that I went a little bit tired at the end today...
The weather as been a little bit worse, a little bit colder, around 16´c and cloudy. But still so much better then at home. In Sweden it is 3´c and in Switzerland it will be minus in the weekend, so I will not complaine.
Tomorrow it´s an easy day. Just 1-2 hours on the bike, and then I will try to do some core training. Muy importante!!

Take care,


Restday and Gibraltar

(My brother is the one to the left ;))

After breakfast we took the car to Gibraltar, it´s only around 70 km´s from here. Took the cable car up to the top of the creek. Unlucky us we had the worst day of the week, cloudy and a little bit rain... Or maybe it was just because we were in "Great Britain" we had bad weather ;) Cause when we came back to Marbella the sun was shining and we had at least 16´c even if the clock was after 4 pm. Anyway, we had an nice time in Gibraltar even if the weather wasn´t the best. On the top we saw a lot of monkeys. Two of them jumped up on my back, got one of them on picture...

The rest of the day I have just been taking it easy. Came just from a bath in the bubbelpool. Very nice :)

Tomorrow it´s five hours on the schedule.



Just a short update from Marbella

(The biggest bed I have ever seen and I had whole by myself :))

Now we have been here a week. The weather here is perfect, around 20´c and sunny.
Have done almost 30 hours in 7 days, including one restday this far.
Today we did the longest ride, 6 hours. Tomorrow it´s a restday again. We are going on sightseeing to Gibraltar, and the rest of the day I will just relax, maybe go down to the spa section and take a bath in the bubbelpool. We are staying at Marriott´s here in Marbella and the hotell is fantastic!! Just our apartment is 142 squarmeters, and we are only three persons :) My bed is so big that you could sleep like four people in it. I will try to take some pictures and show you instead... But it will not be any pictures until I´m back in Switzerland cause I can´t upload them on my computer here.

I will try to update tomorrow again!


Tomorrow I go to Marbella

Now it´s only one day left until I go to Marbella. I have checked the weather and it should be around 15 ´c and sunny in the beginning of the first week anyway. I hope it stays like that... Warmer is okey ofcourse ;)

I have just finished my training on the indoor bike. Did 4 times 8 minutes and 2 minutes rest. First time I did that training this winter, and I could feel that is was first time too... It was hard!!
Now I´m just waiting for Thomas to get back from his training, then lunch and then packing for tomorrow.