What can I say?! Been a while since I update my blog, but I have been on my way the whole time.

The Giro went okey all the way to the last stage. Got a flat, and I didn´t got a new wheele until everyone were gone, including all the cars. And the average that day where 43km/h, so it was impossible to get back. Had to quit the Giro at the last stage because of a flat. Felt bad, but what can I do?!

(photo taken by Fabiano Ghilardi)

After the Giro I went home to Sweden, to my parents summerhouse on the westcoast. Had some nice days there with my parents, and also some good trainings with Marie. (she lives close by)

End of july I went to Paris to see the last stage of the Tour, and to meet Thomas before he went to Bejing. Very spectaculary I have to say!! It´s amazing how many people that are watching and following the Tour.

30th of july it was time for the world cup in Vårgårda. Unluckelly I krasched because some of the girls infront of me krasched, and I had no time to stop. Went in the air and landed on my back, and hit my left hand. Jumped up and just tried to catch the group again, but after a while the pain came back on me... Had hard to hold my bar and when I tried to pull really hard in the hill I felt a lot of pain in my back and it was impossible to continue. DNF :(

1th of august I got a new chans in the world cup, the team time trial. First time for me!
We had only trained one day together, the day before. But I think we managed quit well... Ended 8th. We were all happy if it wasn´t for the krasch just 300 meters from finish. A dog jumped out in the road, in the last corner before the finish and Camilla who just changed position had no time to see the dog and hit it hard!! Luckelly nothing were broken, but she had a lot of pain...

The week after I did two national races with my swedish club. Felt quit bad so I tried to help Marie as much as I could, and she won both days :)

Then Thomas finally came home. Were in Kalmar a few days just him and me, before we went to Gotland to see his family. Went to see Fårö, the island outside the island. Very beautiful!

Now we are in Switzerland, but just for a short while. I fly back to Sweden on thursday, cause then Thomas goes to Germany and I don´t want to be here alone. I will then do some races in Sweden... Oh, I have forgot to tell you, I don´t have any more races with my team. The season is over for us, from august, since the money is over. Feels really sad, but I have had a great time with them!! I actually miss them :(