Big infection in my teeth

Yesterday I woke up with the worse pain you can imagine, in my front teeth. The once I crashed 2003 when I was racing on skates. My four front teeth were hanging loose outside my mouth, but luckily Johan Granath was there (he is an old skater and also a dentist) and could assist at the accident. He took them and tried to put them back on it´s place. Just to try to make the nerves survive, the faster you get them back the bigger chance is for them to survive.
A lot of visits to the dentist later they thought two had survived. But as you could guess the pain I had wanted to tell me something! I called a dentist here in Båstad and made an appointment. He did an x-ray and saw two dead nerves(!) So I wasn´t that lucky after all.
So, I had to go through the hell once more...
He had to make a hole on the backside and try to clean out the whole tooth from there. Auch!! Since it was two teeth he had to make it twice, auch auch!!
When I got back home I took pain killers and just went to bed. Felt soo bad!!
When I woke up this morning my over lip felt twice the size... Called the dentist again and she told me that it could be a normal reaction and she gave me some antibiotics against the infection. Tried to train today, but my body didn´t respond.

Tomorrow I take off for Bilbao, and on Thursday the whole team goes to Menorca for a 3-days race there. I hope I will feel better then!
The worse thing is that I have to make this cleaning thing with my teeth again when I get back the 15th of June. Just to make sure that the infection is all gone, before they can start for real.
So I´m afraid that this story has just started :S

Anyway I´m happy I found this clinic cause they really seem to take care of their patients! Short of time before I had to go, but they made time for me. That´s what I call service!
Time for bed and try to get better!


2nd Skandis and 1st Kinnekulle

I have done two races after Gracia. First one in Uppsala, a crit. Was 2nd after Sara Mustonen. After the race I followed Jessica, one of my team mates in my Swedish club, to her place. Stayed with her for a week and got good training company, before it was time for Kinnekulle last Sunday. It was a lap on 13km´s with one longer hill at around 2km´s. We did five laps, and on the third lap there were some attacks. When everything stopped I tried again and got away. Didn´t expect to get away but I had no choice then... Just to keep going! Thought they should catch me but they didn´t :) So got the first victory of the year. Fun!
Now I´m staying with Marie Lindberg in Helsingborg. First I thought I should stay at my parents house in Båstad, but we felt it was easier if I stayed here since we are training together this week. I´m getting spoiled with training company :) Tomorrow we have a rest day due! I really need it cause my legs feels terrible.
Next weekend I have two races in Halmstad. One time trial...

So long!