Big infection in my teeth

Yesterday I woke up with the worse pain you can imagine, in my front teeth. The once I crashed 2003 when I was racing on skates. My four front teeth were hanging loose outside my mouth, but luckily Johan Granath was there (he is an old skater and also a dentist) and could assist at the accident. He took them and tried to put them back on it´s place. Just to try to make the nerves survive, the faster you get them back the bigger chance is for them to survive.
A lot of visits to the dentist later they thought two had survived. But as you could guess the pain I had wanted to tell me something! I called a dentist here in Båstad and made an appointment. He did an x-ray and saw two dead nerves(!) So I wasn´t that lucky after all.
So, I had to go through the hell once more...
He had to make a hole on the backside and try to clean out the whole tooth from there. Auch!! Since it was two teeth he had to make it twice, auch auch!!
When I got back home I took pain killers and just went to bed. Felt soo bad!!
When I woke up this morning my over lip felt twice the size... Called the dentist again and she told me that it could be a normal reaction and she gave me some antibiotics against the infection. Tried to train today, but my body didn´t respond.

Tomorrow I take off for Bilbao, and on Thursday the whole team goes to Menorca for a 3-days race there. I hope I will feel better then!
The worse thing is that I have to make this cleaning thing with my teeth again when I get back the 15th of June. Just to make sure that the infection is all gone, before they can start for real.
So I´m afraid that this story has just started :S

Anyway I´m happy I found this clinic cause they really seem to take care of their patients! Short of time before I had to go, but they made time for me. That´s what I call service!
Time for bed and try to get better!


Linda said...

Stackars Catrine! Det låter hemskt smärtsamt, håll ut!! Stor kram

Catrine Josefsson said...

Tack för omtanken Linda. Du är bäst! Stor kram tillbaka :)

Andrew said...

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fioricet said...

д-р Лу полна решимости дать вам улыбку которую вы заслуживаете!