2nd Skandis and 1st Kinnekulle

I have done two races after Gracia. First one in Uppsala, a crit. Was 2nd after Sara Mustonen. After the race I followed Jessica, one of my team mates in my Swedish club, to her place. Stayed with her for a week and got good training company, before it was time for Kinnekulle last Sunday. It was a lap on 13km´s with one longer hill at around 2km´s. We did five laps, and on the third lap there were some attacks. When everything stopped I tried again and got away. Didn´t expect to get away but I had no choice then... Just to keep going! Thought they should catch me but they didn´t :) So got the first victory of the year. Fun!
Now I´m staying with Marie Lindberg in Helsingborg. First I thought I should stay at my parents house in BĂ„stad, but we felt it was easier if I stayed here since we are training together this week. I´m getting spoiled with training company :) Tomorrow we have a rest day due! I really need it cause my legs feels terrible.
Next weekend I have two races in Halmstad. One time trial...

So long!

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