Trainingcamp #2 is finished

So, now I´m back in Switzerland again. Had two good weeks on Mallorca! In the last minute I got company from my team mate, Mireia and her boyfriend. They stayed with me and my mum for one week. It was fun with company!
I also turned 23 while we were there, got a spa visit with mum as a birthday present. We spended four hours at the spa, and we also got a massage. Really nice and relaxing, perfect restday!
And on my birthday I got a visit from Marie Lindberg, wich was fun! She was there with her team and lived in the next village just, so not so far away..

Came back from Mallorca yesterday. Quit late but had time to see the finish of Tour of California.
Today I had brunch with my swedish friends in Zurich :) Had almost no dinner yesterday, except for the ordinary sandwich you get on the plane, and we didn´t meet until 10 o´clock this morning so I could eat a lot!!
After the brunch I spend the rest of the day with my friend Carolin at her place.
Watched "Australia". Quit good. Then we made some dinner and do what girls are best at, talk!! Also a fun relaxing restday.
Now I´m sitting at home and watching the last stage of Tour of California. Crossing my fingers for Thomas!!


Taking off for Mallorca

Today at 5 pm I leave for Mallorca. It will be nice!! My mum will meet me up from Sweden. This time it will be just me and her. We will stay in Alc├║dia and will be gone for two weeks. This trainingcamp will be a lot of intensity... In other words, hard! But less hours due.
I hope it will be good.


Restday in a perfect way!!

Yesterday I had a restday and I spend it well :) I just let the pictures speak for them self...