Swedish Championship

Soon time for the time trial... I´m a bit nervouse!!
Sorry for not updating before but haven´t got internet. Spain was quit good for me. Was hard, but I knew it would. I ended 28th in the general, and compared with last year that´s a step in right direction, (ended 44th then).
But now, it´s all focus at the time trial!
If I have internet I will update and tell you how it went..
See you!



Came to Durango this afternoon. Laying in my bed and waiting for the others to come, then dinner.
Have been a long day today. Left home at 6:30 and then the day has been all about waiting, and waiting and some more waiting.
Tomorrow it´s Durango-Durango, which I haven´t done before... We will see how that goes!
Hasta luego!



I´m back from Menorca and we had a lot of success there! We won two of three stages, the general classification, and the team classification. For me I got 7th, 5th and 12th place, and 6th in the general. But we worked really well together and we are very happy about the results that we brought with us.
Now I´m in Switzerland and enjoy life!!
Recovery day today... We will see what the day has to offer :)
Next race will be Durango and Bira. The teams home races. I leave on monday.