Now I´m sitting in my parents summer house in Båstad on the swedish westcoast. Been here since friday, had to help my mum to fix the other house they have here cause there were some people that should rent it from yesterday.
Have been shining weather here :) Done some more training on my time trial bike, it start to feel good! Otherwise we have just been taking it easy...
I will soon drive my mum to Halmstad. She has to take the bus home to Stockholm cause I need the car when I come back from Gracia Tour to take me home to Kalmar. But I´ll stay here until tuesday, and then the national team comes and pick me up and we all go to Chech Republic together.
See ya!



Came to Sweden yesterday. Had time to go and get my new time trial bike :) It looks really nice, specially with the new wheels that I got for birthday present from Thomas. I haven´t tried it yet due, but I will in a few hours.
Now I also know that I´m selected to do Gracia Tour with the national team, and we are leaving on tuesday. Will be fun!
I forgot to update and tell you that I manage to delete my record over Sattelegg before I left Switzerland :)
My new record is 39.35 and I realized that it´s more then 10km, it´s 10.8km.
Now it´s time for core training before I can get out on my bike.
Take care


Races in Holland

We didn´t got a perfect start on our trip to Holland. Three of my team mates were flying from Bilbao via Madrid, and then two other girls were supposed to fly with the same plan from Madrid. The problem was that the plan was overbooked so they had to wait for the next flight to Amsterdam, which was more then 3 hours later. It all ended with a very late arrival to the hotel. Came in bed around 1:30 am, so no time for training or massage...

The day after it was time for the race in Dwingeloo, a 1.1 race. My legs were quit okay and it felt good. But it was a crazy race, 147 girls and everyone wanted to stay in the front, which resulted in a lot of crashes! I was lucky to be able to stay on my bike but with 10km to go there was a big crash that split up the whole group and I came in with the second group as 67th, 1.29 after.

On Saturday it was a new day, a new race and new chances. Just that I didn´t got such a big chance... Another crash made my day hard. This time all ready after like 37km, and after 38km the days only pave at 2.2km came. Had to chase hard for almost 50km to catch the first group, just that it was just before Vamberg started (a steep hill with 23%), and this we had to do five times. Third time up the hill the group was divided into two, and after been chasing the half race I was too tired to follow the strongest girls. So another day in second group, and a 68th place.

One day rest and then time for the first world cup, for me, for this year.
This time I kept away from all the crashes, but I heard a lot of ugly sounds from behind...
I got other problems instead!
With around 10km left to the finish my bike felt strange, and I heard some sound from my pedal. All the sudden I had my pedal, with crank, lose in my shoe(!) Called for a new bike and while I was waiting for my team car to get to me I was pedaling with one leg :S Didn´t wanted to lose too much time... Got a new bike and managed to get back to the group. The speed was not so high then, since there were a lot of girls away all ready, so I could finish in the group. Got 53rd..
Another girl that made the race fast, fastest of them all, was Emma that won the race. She also took over the overall jersey in the world cup. Amazing!! Congratulations Emma :)

Now I´m in Switzerland, but not for so much longer. On Tuesday I go home to Sweden. I have bought a time trial bike, a Cervélo, and it´s in Sweden waiting for me. I hope I like it :)
Hasta luego!


A long and nice ride in the sun

Today has been a good day. Did five hours in wonderful weather! 26´C and sunny. In weather like this you can go on for ever...
Got 145 km´s and my legs felt good.
The time after the training until now I´ve been spending on the balcony. Ate a little bit first and then I fell asleep(!) Nice :)
Tomorrow I have a recovery day and then on Thursday I take off for Holland. Will do three races, two 1.1 races and one world cup. Will be hard!


The spring is here again :)

Is it not lovelly when the sun is shining and it starts to get a little bit warmer again!?

I just love it :)

Today I´ve had a recovery day. Went out on my bike for one and a half hour, had woundeful weather! Took a long and warm bath when I came back with a book in my hands. Very relaxing.

The afternoon I´ve been spending at the sofa, watching Ronde van Vlaanderen. Or if I should be honest I was sleeping a lot too ;)

Emma http://www.emmajohansson.com/ took the third place today at the women´s race!! Congratulations!!

Now I will continue to see the DVD box "24" It´s just soo good! But I have to save some for Holland next week.

Some days it feels great to be a cyclist!