2nd on VIII Balmasedako Emakumeen Saria

Saturday was a cold and rainy day, and I had my first race of the year!
We did three small laps and one big. On the big lap there were two hills, one on five km´s. When we went out on the big lap there were two girls away with a small gap. When we reached the hill we could almost see them so I attacked. Got two riders on my wheel..
Catched both of the girls infront, but they droped, and on the top we were three girls. In the downhill just before the finish one of the girls attacked, and I just couldn´t follow. It was totally dangerous to go so fast in the corners when it was that slippery!!
I took the other girl in the sprint and got on 2nd place. Quit happy with my race, but when I was so close I just wanted to win!!
It is fun to get started anyway, and now I´m back in Switzerland and prepairing for Holland, in less then two weeks.
So long, Catrine


Spring yesterday and winter today

Yesterday we had 10´c and sun. Perfect weather to go over Sattelegg. First time this year and ofcourse I clocked myself :) If I don´t have anyone to train with at least I can train against myself...
It took me 44:30 to get me to the top yesterday, quit okay for being in March. My record is 39:55 due but that was in May last year.
Today when I woke up and looked out trough my window it was snowing(!)
Such a different it could be just from day to day. Went on my indoor bike today...
I want to have summer!!
Now it´s only four days left to race..!


Only six days left until the season starts

Came back from my third trainingcamp yesterday. Had two more weeks with good training. Both Madelene and Jessica were really good to train with, the training gets so much better/harder if you have some one to train with. And also dad impressed me :)
Now I hope I´m well prepaird for the season!

My first race will be in Balmaseda, Spain on Saturday. It will also be the first time I meet my team mates for this year. We will have some new girls in the team aswell. Will be fun to meet them.

We will also get a new sponsor and new colours.
I like it :)


Taking off for Mallorca tomorrow, again :)

Two weeks pass fast!
Can´t remember what I have done... Had some easy days directly after Mallorca, and then we got a visit from Sweden. A friend of Thomas, and his girlfriend stayed here for a few days. We went to see the Lindt fabric. I have passed the fabric a lot of times, and yes it smells wounderful, but I have never been in it. So it was on time! Mmm, choclat :)
This week I´ve been training quit easy aswell, since I go for another two weeks tomorrow. This time my dad meets me up from Sweden together with two friends to me, Jessica and Madelen. Also cyclists. Fun with company on my trainings again!
Now I have to pack.
Soo long!