Photos from Varese

Emma and Susanne going strong
Emma in the big hill the last time
Maria, Helena, Johan, Peter and Alexander on saturday
On sunday early in the morning, waiting for the cyclist to come the first time
Maria takes some photos
Peter, Johan and HelenaThomas :)
Thomas again, this time I just got his back
The weather was perfect!
Our friends in west :)


Finally vacation :)

Last weekend I were in Italy and watched the world championships in Varese. Went with Thomas friday after lunch. Followed him to his hotel and then continued to Maria, a friend of ours who lives in Stabio. It´s just 10km´s from Varese. She had visit from her brother with girlfriend and brothers to Fredrik, her boyfriend. I stayed there the whole weekend. *Thanks Maria* I had a very fun weekend with them!!
Both Saturday and Sunday we were cheering for the swedish cyclists on the big hill. There were a lot of people there, specially on sunday at the men´s race. The weather was perfect and we had a great time!! For the swedish girls it was close. Both Susanne and Emma were in the group of six on the last lap, but Susanne got problem with her wheel, and had to change, and then also missed her chance to the gold. Emma did a good try but ended 4th.
The men´s race was also very exciting in the end! Thomas was in the first group of 13 riders with only one lap to go. He tried to get away, but didn´t manage, it was only Ballan that manage to do that. For the others it was a sprint. Thomas had no legs to sprint and ended 12th! It´s a really good result, and I´m happy for him :) I were so nervous the last kilometer!!
I had a really great weekend :)

Now the season is over compleatly! Did my last training on the bike today. Now I will have one month with vacation and just some easy training, when I feel I want to! But not on the bike, maybe I run, swim or go on the inlines...
Thuseday we were at Alpamare, the biggest waterland in Switzerland, with our swedish friends Carolin, Tommy, Maria and Rikard. Felt like a little kid again, (if you ask Thomas I´m probably still a little kid). It was just sooo fun :)
Today we had Sandra and Cornel over for dinner. Very nice!
Tomorrow we will go to Z├╝rich for shopping, and in the evening we will go out with Carolin, Tommy, Rikard and Maria. It feels great with rest!!
(I will try to post some pictures from the world championships later)
Take care, see you soon!